How To Pick A Trustworthy Online Jewellery Store

Gone are the days when you had to travel to reach the best jewellery store in town for shopping for any accessory. Not to mention the time and energy spent on this process. Now, all this can be done straight from the comfort of your couch – thanks to online jewellery shopping.

From diamond jewellery to artificial accessories, you can buy anything within a few seconds. The product reaches your doorstep in time and you also have the freedom to return the jewellery if you don’t like it. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

The perks of online jewellery shopping are many. But there is a catch. You have to find a trustworthy jewellery store to ensure you get the best services and products. It also saves you from any fraud that may happen online. Thus, whenever you plan to buy any accessories online, you must pick a trustworthy online jewellery store. Below are some tips on how you can do that. Read on:

Check The Website’s Security

Whether you are using the website for buying gold bracelets or diamond necklaces, you have to ensure that the site is secure. After all, you will be sharing your bank account details and personal information for making the purchase. Thus, thoroughly check if the website is safe enough to share such confidential information. For this you can do the following things:

  • If you see HTTPS in the website URL, this means the website is safe and it has a security feature provided by an SSL certificate that adds a layer of defence against malicious cybercriminals.
  • Read the privacy policy page to see how your information will be shared.
  • Find out contact information or customer service. Give them a call to see if the data is real or fake.

Carefully Read Policies and Conditions

It is not just the privacy policy that is important. You also have to check things like terms and conditions, exchange policy, return policy, buyback policy, and so on. Make sure you read every word carefully so that you know what you should expect later. 

Go Through Online Reviews

If you have never bought anything from the website, read customer reviews and recommendations. This little experiment can help you distinguish between a trusted store or a store with potential scams. Moreover, don’t read reviews on the website. But rather go to social media pages, google reviews, Quora or any such social forums to get genuine reviews.

Find Out If The Products Are Certified

Be it gold, diamond or silver, every precious metal or stone goes through standard processes for identifying its genuineness. On the basis of the process, they are given certifications. Look if the website’s products have such certifications or not. In India, gold jewellery is given BIS hallmark certifications and diamonds also get GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and IGI (International Gemological Institute) certifications. Read more about them and find out if the jewellery has such certifications or not.

Inspect The Website Content and Images

With online shopping, it is a bit difficult to assess the jewellery’s level of quality. Thus, before you add jewellery to the cart, take a closer look at the images and website content. Is the jewellery’s picture available only from one angle? Is the stamp or hallmark visible? Do you find discrepancies in the product details?  Are weights and measurements listed? And is there any detail about gradings or valuations? Check all this and then make a decision.

If the images and description do not look authentic, it’s better to skip shopping. To get an idea of what an authentic jewellery website looks like, browse this website.

Buying jewellery is not a small purchase. Thus, make sure you follow all the steps mentioned above to ensure a genuine shopping experience.

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