Why Buy Two Way Radios: 5 Ways They Help Your Company

Without proper communication, even the best business can suffer. While you may have never considered two-way radios before, the reality is that they can perform more effectively than other communication devices.

If you’ve been searching for a way to improve communication, enhance productivity, and increase employee safety then it’s time to buy two-way radios. Yes, this is a better option than phones for most businesses, and no, this will not cost an arm and a leg.

Keep reading to learn the 5 ways that two-way radios can help your company.

Best Way to Buy Two Way Radios

1. Overall Better Communication

Two-way radios provide consistent, reliable reception, unlike smartphones which are known to drop calls in areas where there’s no service. This means that everyone will be able to communicate with one another regardless of where they are. No worrying about postponing calls due to bad services, they’ll be using a device that keeps them connected.

It’s also ideal to use when a group of people needs to have a conversation. Smartphones may need extra tuning and software to get the job done which is why you’ll have overall better communication with a two-way radio system.

2. Reliability

One of the best aspects of two-way radios is that they are incredibly reliable. You can purchase waterproof options if you’re worried about any clumsy employees who tend to spill water on their keyboard, or heavy-duty options if the job could rough up the walkies.

Two-way radios are a lot more durable than most smartphones, so you’ll feel good knowing that you’re investing in communication devices that will last. Your team could be working in a dark basement full of puddles, and you know that the radios will work—even if they get a little wet!

Motorola two-way radios are some of the best around, find more info about them here.

3. Cost-Effective

As a business owner, the last thing you need is another expensive addition that won’t bring any profit. Well, compared to other communication devices, two-way radios are extremely cost-effective.

Think about how much it’d cost to purchase company smartphones for everybody, especially if you need to pay for monthly plans.

Most two-way radios are inexpensive to purchase, last a long time, and come with warranties.

4. Heightened Safety

If your team works in hazardous work environments, you’ll need two-way radios to help make the job safer. It’s hard to beat the immediateness that walkies have over smartphones.

Many radios have safety features built-in that help protect your workforce. For example, some radios will alert you if a worker is injured or fallen.

Other radios have a feature that allows isolated workers to ensure that they’re safe by having them periodically check-in.

When it comes to choosing the best communication device for your worker’s safety, the answer is a no-brainer.

5. Easy to Use

It can be tough introducing the less tech-savvy employees to devices full of apps and buttons that don’t make any sense. When it comes to two-way radios, it’s simple and clear-cut. You get them set up and then it’s mainly turning them off, on, and adjusting the volume.

There’s no added stress on your shoulders to teach a group of people how to use a new type of technology, no time wasted or jobs delayed due to a learning curve.

Why You Should Buy Two-Way Radios

There are just certain investments that are completely worth it, and you’ll see that’s the case when you buy two-way radios. From having better communication to the reliability of technology that works, you’re sure to see major improvements in your business.

Gone are the days of unreliable ways of communicating, handheld two-way radios are the future.

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