How Long Do Solar Panels Last on Average? A Guide for Homeowners

The US is expected to install around 4 million solar panels in 2023, highlighting the massive appetite for using the sun’s energy as a source of renewable power.

But how long do solar panels last, and is there anything you can do to extend their lifespan? As your solar system could represent a significant financial investment, you’ll want to be sure it will be worth the money.

While solar panels tend to last around 25-30 years, there are some crucial factors you should know about that could affect this timeframe.

Keep reading to find out more about solar panel longevity.

How Long Do Solar Panels Really Last?

Understanding Solar Panel Degradation

While there is no need to have a deep understanding of solar panel science, it can be helpful to know about panel degradation rates. Put simply, this is how quickly a solar installation loses some of its ability to turn the sun’s energy into power.

For example, let’s say your panels were to lose 0.50% of their performance level each year. After 5 years, they would then be 2.5% less effective than they were when you first installed your system. This process can happen slowly over time, with higher-quality panels tending to last longer than lower-quality alternatives.

Extending Solar Panel Lifespan

There are steps you can take to extend the lifespan of your home solar panels and achieve better value for money. To help prevent your panels from suffering cracks or scratches, you can wash them down when they are dirty. Removing tree branches and snow can also reduce excess weight damaging their structure.

In addition, you should work with a first-rate solar contractor who will install the system properly and provide a warranty. It’s also important that they have a customer support team available to answer your queries. This is why so many people opt for Blue Raven Solar.

Do You Need to Replace Your Solar Panels After a Certain Timeframe?

Buying solar panels can be expensive, and it’s understandable you’ll be reluctant to replace your system too often. Fortunately, solar panel technology is durable and long-lasting. In fact, even after 30 years, your panels can still provide excellent service.

If at this time your panels aren’t broken and you’re still receiving enough electricity for your requirements, there may be no need to change your system. You’ll also be glad to hear that solar panels are becoming cheaper so your next installation could cost even less than your current one.

You No Longer Need to Wonder How Long Do Solar Panels Last

There is now no need to put off getting a solar installation because you’re not sure how long do solar panels last. While they will degrade over time, this process can be slow. You can also help make your panels last longer by looking after them and working with a reputable supplier who uses quality materials.

When you install your solar panels, you could enjoy using them to power your home for many years to come.

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