Sell Makeup From Home: How To Sell Makeup Online

Did you know that we can trace the use of makeup back to Ancient Egypt, around 6,000 years ago? If you are a makeup fan and are thinking of selling makeup yourself, but are not sure where to start, you are in the right place. We have put together this short guide to share our tips on how to sell makeup from home.

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Sell Makeup Online

Find a Niche or Trend

First, you will have to figure out your niche so that you can stand out from everyone else selling beauty products online. The key is to not try to appeal to everyone but instead set yourself apart by figuring out what makes your product unique and who will that attract you.

Examples of unique selling points include unconventional colors, low prices, certain ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, etc. Also, think about your own beauty routine when finding your niche. Is there a dream product that would make your life easier?

Source a Manufacturer

You have the option of using a product that is already made that you are allowed to legally rebrand under your own label. When you opt for white labeling, you can alter fragrance or colors slightly and then sell it as your own brand. This is the most convenient option because the product has already been produced.

For those that opt for this option, make sure you take your time doing your research on the supplier. You want to make sure that you like the ingredients they use and if they are approved to work in the country. Also, ask if they have a minimum order requirement.

Another option is to find a manufacturer to help you produce your own unique products. One of the benefits of going this route is that you can say that your products are original. The key is to find a manufacturer that you can trust and that you like.

Finding a reputable company such as BPI Labs is the most important part of choosing a manufacturer to build your makeup line from the ground up.


Once you figure out who will be making your makeup products, you will need to brand your packaging. Think about the colors that you want to represent your brand because this will affect your logo and products. You can use color psychology when you are choosing your brand colors.

Choose a Platform

Next, it’s time to choose where to sell your products online. You can opt to drop ship, use an e-commerce website builder, or an online marketplace. A lot of people opt for e-commerce website builders because they are user-friendly.

Online marketplaces such as Etsy are another popular option because you normally don’t have to pay a huge amount upfront to sell on their platforms.

Ready to Sell Makeup From Home?

We hope that now you are feeling more confident about how to sell makeup from home. The more organized you are the more confident you will feel.

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