4 Important Things to Look For in a Third Party Logistics Provider

Hiring a third-party logistics provider can offer a lot of benefits to your business including lowered costs and improved customer satisfaction. But you need to choose the right one to work with.

To ensure your customers get deliveries on time, you need to have solid logistics in place. Working with a third-party logistics (3PL) provider can be very beneficial and can allow you to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively than when handling logistics on your own.

Here are 4 important things to look for in a third-party logistics provider.

1. Service Offerings

One of the main things you’ll want to consider when choosing a third-party logistics provider is what services they offer exactly. You need to be sure that they offer the shipping services that you need.

Every company is different and has different shipping needs and every 3PL provider is different as well. Be sure that you know all of the facts about the provider including their transportation, warehousing, distribution management, and freight offerings.

If you have advanced needs, be sure that the third-party logistics service can help with them. If you need to transport construction equipment to job sites, for example, you may want to look for heavy haul trucking services.

2. Great Communication

Not only should the 3PL provider offer great shipping and fulfillment service options, but they also need to be easy to work with and responsive to your needs as well.

Make sure that the provider prioritizes great communication and offers good customer service. You need to be sure that there are easy ways for you to get in touch with them and to get the information that you need when you need them.

You’ll need to have a strong relationship with any 3PL provider you choose, so make sure that they’re willing to be responsive and communicative with you. Ask the provider and their references about their communication standards before hiring them.

3. Affordability

You also need to keep service costs in mind when hiring a 3PL company as well.

Many companies hire 3PL providers as a means of reducing overall costs. However, working with one is no guarantee that you’ll be able to cut down on your costs. You need to make sure that you understand a 3PL provider’s pricing model fully.

Ensure that the provider offers great services and support while also helping you meet your overall financial and logistics needs at the same time.

4. Safety

Also essential to look for in a 3PL is a good safety record.

You need to be sure that the company will prioritize safety regulations and security standards. It’s a good idea to look to see if the provider has security and safety certifications including PCI, DEA, and FDA registrations.

Speak with a provider to learn more about their safety standards and priorities. Ensure that they’ll pay attention to security and safety standards at all times when delivering your goods.

Using These Tips to Find a Third-Party Logistics Provider

If you want to hire a third-party logistics provider, make sure that you know what to look for. Look for great service offerings, excellent customer service, and affordability when making your choice.

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