This Is How to Get Rid of Clutter on Your Computer

Are you struggling to remember where you saved that copy of your identification? Have you been asked to email another W9 form to an employer but can not find the last one you filled out?

The days of file cabinets, copiers, and fax machines are gone. Everything has gone digital, so it is hard to keep your files in order.

There are old files on your computer that you can delete. But do you know how to get rid of clutter efficiently?

You do not know where to begin decluttering because your files are out of control.

It is time to organize your computer to bring some ease into your life. Keep reading to learn how to get rid of computer clutter.

Loose Files Need a Home

You may think saving files to your home screen is an easy way to access them. Now your home screen is packed with loose files that have no order.

The stockpile of files on your home screen makes it challenging to find what you are looking for.

Getting rid of clutter on your home screen will help you easily find your files. Put loose files in relevant folders, or delete them if they have served their purpose.

Organize Your Downloads

Your download folder needs some pruning and organization. You may download loads of files and email attachments daily if you work from home.

Save work-related downloads in a work folder and personal downloads in a personal folder.

Delete downloaded zip folders that you have extracted the files from. Send whatever downloads that are left to the trash bin.

Empty Trash Bin

Deleting files is the fastest way to declutter your computer. But deleted files take up valuable computer storage.

Empty your trash bin periodically to free up space for more important documents.

The files are gone forever once you empty the trash bin. So look through the trash bin to make sure you didn’t accidentally delete anything of importance.

Delete Duplicate Files

There are times when you may download the same file many times. You are doing edits and need more than one copy of the same file to track your progress.

Organize your inbox so it is easier to access your work-related emails and documents. This URL can help you manage work emails and clean up your inbox.

Make a habit of deleting duplicate files once you have finalized your work product.

You can also upload duplicate files to a cloud drive if you do not feel comfortable deleting them yet. You will still have access to the files without them taking up space on your hard drive.

How to Get Rid of Clutter

You now have a basic understanding of how to get rid of clutter on your computer. Organizing a computer makes your workday smoother. And you can locate all your files quickly and easily.

Check out the Business Products and Services section for more computer decluttering tips.

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