1 and 1 webmail [IONOS Webmail] Login (June 2024)

In the modern-day, with the technological evolution, one of the most significant parts of every people’s life is email. The use of email has sustainably increased over the years and has an integral role in every working sector.

Webmail is a web email that you can remotely access through any web browser. However, we require webmail in the back end for receiving, sending, dividing in subcategories, and reviewing those emails via a web browser. This is where we recommend using 1 and 1 webmail, the most user-friendly, secured, and well-designed webmail service at present.

1 and 1 webmail, also known as 1 and 1 ions, is also a hosting company for many other websites. During the starting days of the launch of this webmail, it was called 1 and 1 Internet. The organization has its headquarters in Germany, and internet services are provided and owned by the United States.

1 and 1 webmail provides a number of services like 1 and 1 webmail hosting, webpage building, hosting virtual services, and domain hosting. However, despite meeting all the prerequisites, the company has a loose hand over popularity and exposure. Moreover, in terms of data security and smooth working of the webpage, 1 and 1 webmail always excels. Hence, we strongly recommend you sign up for 1 and 1 webmail and enjoy all its services.

This article will discuss all the features that 1 and 1 webmail provides, along with a guide to use these features.

How to sign up and log in to 1 and 1 webmail?

There are namely two ways for signing up for the 1 and 1 webmail, a Business account and a personal account. Each of the account registration comes with a nominal price of $1 per month. Moreover, if your account is in the business category, you can give it a domain name to increase its reach. This way, other users and customers will find it easy to reach out to your business account.

Here is the complete guide on creating, signing up, and logging in to 1 and 1 webmail. So without further delay, let’s look at how we can execute it.

Step 1: Visit the website www.ionos.com through any web browser.

Step 2:  Locate Email and Office on the top left side of the home page. Click on it.

Email and Office

Step 3: Click on the first option which is Professional Email Address.

Professional Email Address

Step 4: While you scroll down a bit, you will find three different pricing packages or plans.

  1. Mail Basic 1 ($1/month only)
  2. Mail Basic 1+ ($4/month only)
  3. Mail Business ($5/month only)

pricing packages or plans

Each of the plans has different features and varies according to the prices.

Step 5: Now, you have to choose one among the three plans and proceed with Continue.

pricing packages or plans 2

Step 6: Type a web address according to your choice that you can remember later. If the web address or domain name is already in use, then you won’t be able to refer to it as your own. However, it will recommend a similar domain name to the one you gave earlier and have to choose from it.

domain name

Step 7: Click on Add to cart.

Add to cart

Step 8: Once you finish adding your domain name or web address to the cart, click on Continue.


Step 9: Now, create an account by clicking on Create a new account.

Create a new account

Step 10: Fill in the billing information correctly, don’t miss anything. And then, set a suitable password and click on the Continue to payment option.

Continue to payment option

For Better use of the 1 and 1 webmail account.

Once you are all okay with the account creation, there are a few more areas where you can improvise for better use. For instance, if you want to sync your 1 and 1 account emails to your usual mail IDs on Gmail or Yahoo, you can click on the automatically forward option.

Secondly, for enhancing the security of your 1 and 1 webmail account, you need to enable your security settings. Protection from viruses in these modern times is an utmost prerequisite. Security set-up is an essential medium for the smooth running of your pc and longer safe use, away from intruding viruses. It gives you two options: anti-spam for unnecessary ads and banners over your screen and premium virus protection to keep away from virus threats to your PC. Hence after doing all these necessities, you can proceed with creating your own 1 and 1 webmail login for your business email address.

Below are the steps you need to perform to easily create your personal or business 1 and 1 webmail account.

How to log in to the 1and1 webmail account?

Once you have created your 1 and 1 webmail account, you can follow the steps below to log into your personal or business account.

  1. Start by visiting any web browser to search for login 1and1 email account.
  2. The browser will direct you to the official page of 1 and 1 ions.
  3. Fill in the required credentials and click on the sign-in option.
  4. Then you just have to scroll down and select the webmail option.

If you face any issue or error while trying to log in, in that case, use this alternative way.

  • In the URL section of the browser, type login.ionos.com.Enter the credentials.
  • Enter the credentials.

  • Click on the Sign-in button. If you want to save the password, click on remember me on the top left corner pop-up box. Then, proceed.
  • Click on the login button and start your experience of using 1 and 1 webmail!

How to set up your email in webmail properly?

To appropriately use your webmail features efficiently and adequately, you need to explore the settings. This will enable you to avoid login issues; thus, setting up your login credentials to auto mode makes it more convenient. Henceforth every time you open the login page, you can click on the pre-installed details and log in manually.

  • You can change email settings from settings using the below-mentioned steps.
  • Start with signing in to your 1 and 1 webmail.
  • Move the cursor to the top right corner click on your name. A drop-down list appears.
  • Then you can click on configure mail client from the list.
  • Scroll down to the manual settings to check your secure SSL/TLS and Non-SSL settings.
  • Your settings will somehow look like this.

Incoming email settings

User nameFull email address
Server nameimap.1and1.com

Outgoing Email Settings

Server namesmtp.1and1.com

These are some of the email account settings that you can set up manually for your webmail account.

Know about the Security tips and tricks

  • Make sure you set up a strong 12 characters long password, have a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and have numbers and special characters.
  • Avoid using predictable passwords like birth date, your name, or your cell phone number.
  • Using a general and easy password is a threat to your webmail account since hackers and predators can easily unlock your account.
  • Also, we would recommend changing your passwords more often.
  • Never share your password with anyone, especially for data security reasons.
  • You can store your passwords in software like KeePass, where you will require to unlock the directory with a code and then fetch the password.

What to do if you forget your 1 and 1 webmail password? How to reset an account?

Every one of us these days has two or three alternative email accounts. Therefore, it is most likely to forget some email account passwords. Hence, if any such fallacy happens on your part, don’t worry; you can always reset your password if the account is genuinely yours.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to proceed with resetting your password.

  1. Visit the website www.ionos.com  via any web browser.
  2. Click on the Sign-in option available in the top right corner from the top menu bar.
  3. Enter the 1 and 1 webmail name or web address, whatever is required.
  4. To enter the new login password of the 1&1 webmail account, click on ‘Request for new password.
  5. You will receive a reset link on your secondary webmail account.
  6. Choose any password 12 characters long and must contain uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.
  7. Retype the new password for confirmation, and you are good to go.
  8. Your password for the 1&1 webmail account has changed now.

Final Thoughts:

The above guide lets you know everything about 1and1 webmail registration and login procedure. You will also find steps for resetting passwords and security tips recommendations that help you make your account safe and secure.

Read the information given in the article to be aware of registering and logging into your 1and1 email accounts. Moreover, if you face any login issues after this, don’t forget to comment on your query in the comment box. We will try to solve the issue as soon as possible. We have also mentioned steps to help you successfully make and sync an account with 1and1’s webmail services. We hope that we are able to help you with the queries regarding this service provider, and you can benefit from it. Hence, we hope that the above details in the article will help you acknowledge the assistance provided by1and1 webmail login.

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