How to Rekey a Lock without Original Key

There can be several reasons for rekeying a lock. Now, a locksmith may or may not be available all the time. So, you have to be your savior then. You can rekey the locks of your home and ensure the excellent safety of your house. There can be multiple copies of a key for a lock if you are not the house’s first owner. Therefore, to help you, we have listed ways how to rekey a lock.

What does it mean to rekey a lock?

Does your pocket feel heavy while carrying a bunch of keys? Are you fed up with remembering which key fits the specific lock? Well, we understand. It will be great to have a standard lock and key throughout the house. It ensures more security, as well.

You will find tumbler and pin locks are found in deadbolts and locking doorknobs. For a specific key to unlock a doorknob, there is a cylindrical plug and pins and springs. For the locking mechanism to turn, the springs and pins’ configuration must complement the specific grooves on the key.

Therefore, rekeying a lock is quite a difficult task and takes a whole day. So, if you have to buy a rekey kit to accomplish the task. A locksmith will take at least $100 for rekeying your lock. But, you can get the task done with a rekey kit for $30.

So, to get your task done, keep on reading the article.

Steps to rekey a lock

If the question of how to rekey a lock is bothering you, we are here with a few simple steps to solve your problem. We know that you have wanted to have the same key for your house’s front, back, and side doors. Therefore, follow the simple steps below and get a permanent solution.

  • Step 1- Removing the knob

The first step includes removable the doorknob. For this, in the kit, you will find a wire tool. Take the tool, and insert it into the knob hole. Then, all you have to do is depress the knob clip with the tool. Lastly, pull off the knob from the door.

  • Step 2- Removing the cylinder

At the back of the knob assembly, you will find a cylinder. You have to push the cylinder out of it. The knob sleeve will pop off as well. So, remove the cylinder to move on to the next step.

  • Step 3- Removable the retainer ring

Again, in the rekeying kit, you will find a retainer ring tool. You have to use the tool to force off the ring. Take out the retainer ring with the help of the tool. You have to push it out of the knob. Keep it aside to replace it in the future. So, you have now completed the third step as well.

  • Step 4- Removable the cylinder plug

Now comes the most critical step of the entire process. You have to remove the cylinder plug from the cylinder. The keyed pins are pressurized by the springs and pins. You will find the springs and pins on the top of the cylinder.

Now, you will need your old friend. Take the old key and turn it either on the right or on the left. You will find a plug follower in the kit. So, now take the plug follower and remove the cylinder plug. Moreover, remember to put constant pressure on the pins and springs. Or else, they will pop out.

Do not freak out if they pop out. It is not the end of the universe. Just pick them up quickly and keep them in a secure place. Keep the plug follower very tight to the cylinder plug. So, the springs and pin will not pop out.

  • Step 5- Reassemble the lock

This is the last step of the process. Then, you will be done with it. So, in this step, you have to insert the pins on the lock and reassemble it.

You can throw away the old pins. You will find an instruction sheet. So, by following the instruction sheet and colored pins, you have to make the new configuration. Just insert the key, and with the tweezers, match the newbie-colored pins.

Once you have inserted all the pins, reverse all the steps, and reassemble the lock.

Hence, you are done with rekeying your lock at a very affordable rate. You do not need a locksmith for this. And, you can do it with multiple locks and stay secure. You can stay safe and also lessen the burden on your pockets. Say goodbye to multiple heavy keys on the key ring. Now, use just one key to enter any room of your house.

When should you rekey versus replace a lock?

Now, you may not always want to rekey a lock. You might have to replace the lock as well. So, you must know the right instances you must replace a lock or rekey it. Below we have mentioned some of the probable instances:

  • Suppose you have lost the key which you wanted to be the common key. Now, you cannot rekey at this instance, and neither opens the door you want to. So, at this point, we recommend you to replace the lock.
  • You have to be clear that rekeying a lock will not fix a damaged or worn-out one. So, with a warped locking mechanism, you have to replace the lock. Once you have replaced it, you can disassemble it, rekey it, and then assemble it. It is that simple!
  • For rekeying multiple locks of your house, your locks must be from the same company. So, if your front is locked by Sargeant, then all the locks you want to rekey must be from Sargeant. If other locks are from Kwikset, then rekeying won’t help. Hence, rekey all the locks from the same company only.

Other options of rekeying

If you cannot rekey a lock by yourself, then there are other options as well. So, go through the following:

  • Call the locksmith – If you are unable to rekey a lock by yourself and unsure about others in the family, then go for a locksmith. No one other than a locksmith is trustable. He can be a bit expensive compared to getting a rekey kit and rekeying yourself. So, to rekey successfully, call a locksmith.
  • Take the lock to a hardware store or a locksmith- You may not want to call a locksmith to your house. So, the best you can do is take the lock to a hardware store or a locksmith. Ask them to fix it, and then you can collect it later on. So, this saves your precious time as well.

Rekeying smart-type lock

If you are a company or an apartment manager’s boss, then we recommend you to go for smart-type locks. These locks do not need complete disassembling to rekey. Many companies have used smart technology to enhance your rekeying experience. All you need is a master key, and within minutes you can rekey locks in less than a minute. Therefore, go for smart-type locks for your building.

Final Words!

How to rekey a lock? I hope this question will not haunt you anymore. We have listed all the ways you can opt for to ensure more excellent safety for yourself and your family. Hence, go through the simple steps and quickly rekey multiple locks for your house, apartment, and office building.


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