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As you might all know that there is Planet B. So to save our planet and to make this planet a better place, a more sustainable living, and sustainable lifestyle are important. Transportation mode and cars emit the most greenhouse gases, which leaves an effect on our planet. Generally, this can affect our planet in the long run. So to avoid that, car companies are now joining hands to produce electric cars or green tech cars.

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Green Tech

New innovations and new discoveries are paving the way to lead the world in a better and more sustainable way. This will ensure that the resources are used properly and are used in a good and smart as electric cars are more fuel efficient than ordinary, regular cars. The car parts of electric cars are a bit differently put than that of regular cars. Electric cars are a much better option as it uses renewable resources like wind power and solar power to generate energy, rather than using non-renewable resources. It is definitely a much better option and a better way to save the planet.

But before jumping to conclusions, you should know that engines are not the only source of greenhouse gases. Some other car parts are also responsible for that. For example, tires. Tires are an essential car part that helps the car to run. In the process of making tires, the amount of energy used is insane, and also it is difficult to recycle tires. Though to change this situation, some tire companies are working on making tires from recycled materials. I mean a step towards a better world.

Another term to walk towards the path of making vehicles green and making the car production process a friendlier process is to make the vehicle lighter. A lighter vehicle is honestly great as it consumes less fuel. Some car companies are using lighter components to make the roof, hood, and doors instead of using steel. These are also known as battery body panels.

Some car companies and their take on Green Technology

Here I’m listing some of the most innovative paths of green technology in the automobile industry. Check out this cause, honestly, this will blow your mind.


Tesla launched its Electric car in 2008 as they wanted to prove that electric cars are our future and it works as perfectly as traditional cars.

Tesla electric cars are great for their highest energy efficiency. The company also works to reduce carbon footprint per driven mile. The battery is designed in an innovative way that last the car for a good amount of time. The lithium batteries are recycled as well.


Toyota is efficiently working on reducing its carbon footprint and also reducing carbon emissions.

It also uses chemical substances that cause less harm to the environment. It cuts off any toxic chemical and tries to make it with some other alternative.

Toyota also works, and it ensures that the tire and the other car parts work properly and efficiently in order to preserve gasoline and so that it doesn’t wear out easily. Also, make sure your car parts are taken good care of, and if not, you can visit this link


The next car company that we are going to talk about is Volkswagen. Volkswagen is constantly working hard to make cars that burn less gas and really less gas, as the company values non-renewable natural resources and the need to conserve them as much as possible. Also, the brand works really hard to recycle some car parts and sell them at really low prices to make them to good use.


According to the sources, Renault uses an ecological process to manufacture cars. This company has been in business for 100 years and has mastered the art of making cars. They are well aware of the fact that cars create a greater version of air pollution and actively working to make cars efficient so that it emits and burns less gas.

A Car Technology that Has a Future

We talked about a lot of car companies and their take on reducing the load on our environment and to make the environment greener and cleaner. But here we are going to talk about certain car technologies that really ensure a future, and all the car companies will adopt these Technologies to acquire a car that is safe and great for our nature.

Energy-storing body panels

According to a prediction, by 2050, most cars that will come out on the market will be manufactured in a hybrid manner. That is, it will have energy-storing body panels. In most electric cars, the batteries are really heavy, as in lithium-ion batteries. But in that case, this method will also help get rid of that problem. Now you may question how the panels will absorb energy. Well, in that case, the panel would capture energy produced by technologies like braking or when the car is plugged in overnight. This saved battery will be used when it is needed. In this way, no battery is wasted, and the weight of the battery reduces to 15%. It’s like how a camel’s hump stores water and fat and how it is utilized when it’s needed.

Future of Motoring

In the future of Motoring, electric cars have been playing a role for a few years. But honestly, people are still quite skeptical about taking it in. Why electric cars or green technology is better? Cause these cars don’t emit carbon dioxide while driving. It reduces air pollution, which is a threatening problem and is causing different trouble in our lives. The future of Motoring is this. The future of cars and the automobile industry is this. As I mentioned earlier, there is no other planet where we can shift. It’s only this, and you need to make it better for our future generations.

Final Thoughts

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