What To Look for in a Real Estate Developer

Are you looking for a real estate developer? You have a large number of professionals to choose from, and you may find it overwhelming to choose the right person or company for your New York project. Therefore, these are a few things you should look for before you choose your developer.

Specialization in the Type of Development You Seek

The first thing you should search for is someone who specializes in the type of project you plan to complete. Consider Angelo Ingrassia Rochester NY, who recently renovated the Sibley Triangle Building for dormitories and classrooms for the Colgate Divinity School.

You may want to renovate an existing building, but make sure your developer understands the complications and requirements for such a renovation, including expertise in the types of facilities you hope to create. You may also want to remove, rebuild, or take vacant land and create something great. Find a developer who can see your vision and has the specialized knowledge to make it a reality.

Financial Stability

Developing real estate in New York is expensive, and developers need to have stable finances so they can compete and complete their projects. Investigate whether your prospects have ever had difficulty finishing projects due to funding. You can also ask for financial statements and analyze them for the company or developer’s financial health.

Your prospective developers should have full control over their finances. Search for someone who has a cushion for any unexpected expenses. Cost overruns can result in losses or delays, so make sure these individuals have at least 10% over the expected budget.

History of Success

Your prospects should have extensive experience in real estate development in general and in your area specifically. These professionals should also have experience in the types of development you plan to pursue as well. Search for those who have successfully completed these types of projects.

Review their experience carefully. Search for gaps in their portfolios and delays in their projects. Find out how successful their developments were and any challenges they had to face.

Specialized Knowledge

Different types of development require different specialized knowledge. A professional who primarily pursues renovations may not have the experience and knowledge to complete a teardown and rebuild or a vacant land build.

In addition, the developer you choose should have experience in your local area. New York and its municipalities have very specific regulations that these professionals should understand. They should also know how to navigate the city permitting, inspection, and other processes. In addition, some locales have specific sustainability requirements, such as green building techniques or alternative energy initiatives.

Effective Project Management Capabilities

Property developers need to analyze a problem, find a solution, and build a plan. They need to have the ability to implement that plan and work with an extensive team to see it to fruition. This requires project management capabilities in addition to exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.

Once you find prospective developers with these capabilities and characteristics, you can go through your normal selection process. Just do your due diligence to find the professional who is right for your project.

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