Pete Davidson Net Worth (March 2024)

Pete Davidson is a household figure in pop culture and entertainment, and he has been in the news for his quick wit, unique sense of humor, and meteoric ascent to prominence. Born on Staten Island, New York, on 16 November 1993, Davidson’s rise from a budding stand-up comedian to a well-known figure in the entertainment industry is quite extraordinary.

Davidson’s remarkable skill, unwavering work ethic, and multiple high-profile ventures have allowed him to accumulate a sizable net worth of $8 million that has many people in awe. The following article will discuss Pete Davidson’s wealth and the several ways that he has made money.

Who is Pete Davidson?

Who is Pete Davidson?

Full NamePeter Michael Davidson
Professional NamePete Davidson
Date of Birth16-Nov-93
BirthplaceStaten Island, New York, United States
Age30 years
Zodiac SignScorpio
Marital StatusDating
GirlfriendMadelyn Cline
Height6 Feet 3 inches
Weight83 Kg
ProfessionComedian, Actor, Writer
Net Worth$8 Million

Pete Davidson is a well-known American comedian, actor, and writer renowned for his clever comic style and unique humor.

He debuted on Saturday Night Live in 2014 and became one of the show’s most well-known performers soon after. Since then, Davidson’s career has taken him into acting, where he has acted in comedy specials, TV shows, and movies.

He has gained a devoted following and a prominent position in popular culture because of his distinct brand of humor, which frequently draws on real-life events and frank storytelling.

How Much is Pete Davidson’s Net Worth?

How Much is Pete Davidson's Net Worth?

The American comedian Davidson’s net worth is around $8 million. His comedy and acting career has contributed a lot to his fortune.

His Net Worth Trend from 2018 to 2023

YearsNet Worth
2018$4 million
2019$5 million
2020$6 million
2021$7 million
2022$7.5 million
2023$8 million



Beginning of his Stand-Up Comedy Career

At sixteen, Davidson performed in stand-up comedy at a bowling alley on Staten Island for the first time. His first on-screen role was in the comedy series on MTV called Philosophy.

Following that, he had appearances on several reality shows before having his first stand-up performance broadcast on television on Gotham Comedy Live, a Comedy Central show featuring up-and-coming comics.

After that, he performed stand-up again and appeared briefly on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” before being cast as a member of “Saturday Night Live.” He was given a chance because he was friends with Bill Hader, whom he met while filming a small part in the 2015 film “Trainwreck.”

His First Show was on SNL

His First Show was on SNL

In the 40th season of Saturday Night Live, he debuted on the show on 27 September 2014. Davidson, who was 20 years old, was the first cast member among the youngest cast members ever.

After he received critical acclaim for his performance in his inaugural season, Davidson is frequently commended for his ability to relate to viewers and for making light of touchy and taboo issues.

His First Stand-Up Special

In April 2016, Davidson taped his first stand-up special for Comedy Central. In January 2019, he said that he and John Mulaney would be embarking on a brief series of comic shows dubbed “Sundays with Pete & John.”

Acting Career

“Bupkis” is a Peacock original series starring Davidson, which debuted in May 2023. He also appeared in cameos in recent motion pictures, including “Fast X” and “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.”

Awards and Nominations

Awards and Nominations

Davidson has been a member of the ensemble cast of Saturday Night Live, where his performance has specifically contributed to the show’s Emmy nominations. Even if he doesn’t have an extensive list of accolades, his popularity and presence in the comedy community attest to his unquestionable talent and effect on the entertainment industry.

His Investments

Davidson purchased his mother a $1.3 million house on Staten Island, New York, in 2016. He purchased a $1.2 million condo with a view of the water in December 2020, a short distance from his mother’s home.

He moved into a $30,000-per-month loft in Brooklyn in late 2022 and then placed the property for sale at $1.3 million. In April 2023, he lowered the asking price to $1.1 million.

Pete Davidsons’s Philanthropic Side

Davidson is well known for his charitable endeavors in addition to his comic and acting prowess. He has demonstrated his humane side by actively participating in several humanitarian projects.

Notably, Davidson has raised money and awareness for causes, including suicide prevention and mental health, topics he has freely addressed in both his personal and stand-up humor.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Money Does Pete Davidson Make Per Year?

Davidson usually makes over $500,000 annually; things can change in the future if he doesn’t have a steady job.

2. Who is Pete Davidson’s Girlfriend?

Davidson is in a relationship with an American actress and model, Madelyn Renee Cline.

3. Who is Pete Davidson’s Dad?

Davidson is the son of a New York City firefighter for Ladder 118, Scott Davidson. His father died in service during the 11 September 2001 attack.

4. What is Pete Davidson known for?

Pete Davidson is primarily known as a comedian and cast member on “Saturday Night Live,” renowned for his stand-up comedy and television appearances.

5. When did Pete Davidson join Saturday Night Live (SNL)?

Pete Davidson joined SNL in 2014, becoming one of the youngest cast members at that time.

6. Has Pete Davidson acted in movies?

Yes, he has appeared in several films, including “The King of Staten Island,” which he also co-wrote, drawing on his own life experiences.

7. What are some of Pete Davidson’s notable works outside of SNL?

Aside from SNL, Davidson has been featured in comedy specials, hosted award shows, and made guest appearances on various TV shows.

8. What is unique about Pete Davidson’s comedy style?

Davidson’s comedy is known for its candid and often self-deprecating humour, frequently drawing on his personal experiences and struggles.

Wrapping Up

Pete Davidson’s career progression from struggling stand-up comedian to well-known and affluent performer is evidence of his skill and commitment. His success in acting, stand-up comedy career, and contributions to Saturday Night Live have all contributed significantly to his net worth.

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