Tips to Improve Safety in Oil Field Sites and Reduce the Possibility of Accidents

Keeping in mind the advancement in technology in the oil industry, there are several new challenges that need to be met every day.  it is important to make sure that oil field technology stays productive through several years by constantly performing preventive maintenance actions. Downtime in oil field sites leads to loss of money and production but there are steps that can be taken to get work done faster. The entire team has to be concerned about sprucing up the safety concerns of the oil and gas industry. They have to adopt critical safety measures to keep their equipment properly maintained. 

Though you can rush to an oilfield accident lawyer in case of a mishap,  it is still better to be aware of the safety tips that you should follow in order to reduce the likelihood of oilfield site accidents.

Have an Oil Rig Safety Plan Ready

When we say the oil Rig safety plan,  we mean taking proper care of the machines. It can’t be denied that the machines are the lifelines of oil field workers and inaccurate handling of these machines can lead to fatal accidents. Oil rigs are usually extremely dark and darkness can lead to severe mishaps. If you have to prevent these,  you should have good lighting at the workplace.  Also, be ready with a strategic local emergency response plan.

Be Concerned About the Mental Health of Your Workers

Oil and gas extraction workers usually spend several days,  weeks,  and months away from their loved ones. This definitely has a negative impact on their working conditions. In fact,  there are some workers who even suffer from depression due to their feeling of helplessness. Others might suddenly stop obeying commands and admit their mistakes. You have to remember that a toxic work environment can have a negative impact on occupational health.  So,  you need to focus on the mental health of your workers.

Reduce Chances of Slips and Falls

In an oil field site, trips and falls are extremely common as you will always be surrounded by oil and water. But you can safeguard your workers by implementing precautionary measures like maintaining dry floors and installing slip proofs. Ask your workers to wear personal protective equipment like slip-proof boots that have more grip to protect them from potential hazards inside oil rigs. 

Incorporate Safety Training

When you start off with a safety program,  your workers will remain alert of the potential dangers and will therefore improve workplace safety. Ask your workers to get themselves strained properly so that they know how to use the equipment and interact the same to the other employees. This will not only promote connection and unity among the employees but also improve their personal relationships and enhance safety. 

Therefore,  if you are the owner of an oil ring and you employ several employees,  you have to be extra careful about their safety so that there are no severe accidents that alter the life of your employees. 

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