5 Things Long Lasting Marriages Have in Common

Have you ever found yourself looking around wondering how all those married couples over the age of 80 and beyond have made their relationship last so long? You might be surprised to find that the secret to long-lasting love is simpler than you think. Most relationships that have lasted decades,  share the same traits. Here are some of the most common things that long-lasting marriages have in common that you can learn from.

They Communicate

Communication is the cornerstone of a successful relationship. Couples that stand the test of time are the ones that aren’t afraid to sit down and talk things out. Rather than sweeping things under the rug, they communicate about their needs and overcome their challenges verbally, working together as a team. Good communication between two couples doesn’t just encourage better emotional connection, but it also improves physical intimacy.  

Total Commitment

People who have managed to make their relationship work through ups and downs are the ones that are committed to each other. If there are any wavering doubts or distractions in the relationship, it’s usually a red flag that divorce is down the road. 

If you’re asking yourself whether your partner is committed to you, a good indication is whether you feel like they’re there for you when you need them most. Not just physically, but emotionally present when you need them. Commitment isn’t always just about physical intimacy in a relationship. Commitment also means being there for someone when they need you at any moment.

They Laugh

A recent study showed that the couples who report being the happiest in their relationship are the ones that find each other genuinely funny. If you can find a partner who can make you laugh heartily every day, then chances are that you have enough happiness in your relationship to last a lifetime.

They Don’t Try to Change Each Other

Many people marry someone only to find that they are constantly urging them to change, or be different in some way. This is not true love. True love is total acceptance, and loving someone for the way that they are, not the way they could be. When you find someone that you’re truly meant to be with, then you won’t need them to change. You’ll admire everything about him or her and vice versa. Unhappy marriages are ones that only see faults in their husbands and wives, and ultimately wind up projecting their own issues onto their partner.

They Say They “I Love You”

They may seem like only words, however, the words “I love you” can have a powerful impact on a couple’s relationship. Couples who last a lifetime are the ones who say they love each other every single day— even after an argument. The secret to long-lasting love is remembering that even though you might butt heads once in a while, you still love each other at the end of the day.

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