The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Fireworks

Whether it’s the fourth of July, New Year, or Chinese New Year, fireworks are custom for celebration. There are so many types of fireworks for you to choose from when shopping for fireworks!

The Chinese discovered that bamboo explodes when chucked into a fire in 200 BC. The use of fireworks stemmed from the tradition of scaring away evil spirits with the sound of loud firecrackers.

When Europe got a hold of fireworks, Italian pyrotechnicians discovered that they could add elements of color. Copper makes it blue, Sodium produces yellow, Barium generates green, and strontium makes red.

Without further ado, here is the ultimate guide on all the types of fireworks you could ever need. Get those pyrotechnics on!

Liftoff In 3…2…1

Generally, you can categorize fireworks as those that you launch away from the ground and those that remain anchored here.

You could also argue that there are only two types of fireworks: legal and illegal. Familiarize yourself with your state’s laws and safety regulations. The only lights you want on your event are fireworks, not the glow of police cars.

Check out this link for the basic dos and don’ts of firework safety. Even when having fun, try to keep all your fingers attached.

1. Rocket

The Rocket or Firework Missile is the most popular firework. Set upright like an actual rocket, you light up the stick fuse at the bottom, take cover, and watch it soar into the sky.

It’s a very powerful firework that is notorious for climbing great heights. It usually erupts in bursts, explosions, and a stunning firework display at its peak.

2. Roman Candle And Barrage

Launch colorful balls of light with a Roman Candle! Its name is quite apt as it resembles a candle with a string protruding from the other end.

When you light this string, a flash of crackling light takes to the sky. Roman Candles come in various sizes you can adjust to your needs.

Sometimes one Roman Candle isn’t enough. Bundles of Roman Candles are Barrages and show an impressive display of power and noise.

3. The Flowers

The Chrysanthemum, Peony, and Willow are what come to mind when you think of a firework display. These are the stereotypical fireworks you’re familiar with in paintings.

They all have brilliant arms emanating from their middle, and they are usually the stars of the show. The Willow resembles the tree’s long canopy as its trails trickle down in bright smoke.

Chrysanthemum fireworks are an explosion of color with a colorful burst concentrated at its center. Multicolored options are available and lend a splash of blue, purple, and pink to the light show.

Finally, the Peony explodes into a sphere. When exploded, it reveals bright sparks with a tail trailing each spark, forming a globe in the sky.

4. Comets and Crossettes

Comets, like their namesake, resemble a comet in the sky, leaving a trail of glitter behind it. These are excellent starter fireworks to lead to more massive fireworks like the flowers.

Crossettes and comets are pretty similar, except crossettes split into two directions. At its peak height, crossettes emit a burst of sparks, adorning the sky in a light show.

5. Firecrackers

Firecrackers are more akin in function to traditional Chinese fireworks. So, as you can expect, they’re made not only to make a flashy show but also a considerable noise.

They often come in strings. You have short ones with around 12 segments, and the crazy bombastic ones go up to 10,000.

Because of the string, it’s custom for kids to tie it around something like stuffed animals or toys so they can send them launching into space. Well, they’re sent to space, or rather your neighbor’s backyard. Let them have a little imagination.

If you like the look of fireworks but aren’t a huge fan of the sound, check out these fireworks as an alternative. Easy on the eyes as well as the ears! Popular firecrackers are Lady Fingers, M-80, and Black Cats.

6. Parachute

What comes up must go down. Parachutes are floating fireworks but less flashy.

Similar to firecrackers, you can attach them to toys and watch them take to the sky. A parachute deploys and slows the descent of the firework. This is an excellent game for kids, especially if you secure a toy for them to chase after and catch.

Ground-Bound Fireworks

Fireworks sent skyward and pepper the night with sparks are gorgeous. However, don’t deny yourself the closer view and safer attributes of ground fireworks!

1. Fountain

Fountain fireworks are an affordable and safe option. They look like cones that you mount on the ground and emit sparks all around it. They are also quieter, without compromising flare. Set them up away from flammable materials and watch the sparks fly!

2. Ground Spinners

Ground spinners, also known as Jumping Jacks or Blooming flowers, are popular among kids. The namesake speaks for itself. When lit, they spin on the ground and release sparks in every direction, resembling a glowing flower.

3. Sparklers

Sparklers are the handheld sticks we know and love. Made out of paper, metal, or wood, they emit a continuous stream of sparks when lit.

Some sparklers have compounds added to them, so they change color. Wave them around as they fizzle out safely.

Remember to keep your arm fully away from you and anyone else, so your clothes don’t catch the falling sparks.

Choose From The Many Types of Fireworks To Light Up Your Events

There is a myriad of bombastic fireworks for you to choose from. They range from tiny sparklers you can let your kids hold to magnificent fireworks that you launch high into the sky. Find the right one for you and your family when buying fireworks.

Thank you for reading our article on the types of fireworks! To learn more about how you can spruce up your outdoor event, check out our other blog posts. Whatever the occasion, make sure it goes out with a bang and cap it off with a stunning fireworks show.

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