Sound System Tips: How to Choose Car Speakers for Your Ride

If there’s one thing most American drivers share, it’s their love for radio. Approximately 52% of drivers in the US listen to the radio while in their cars.

Few things are as pleasant as cruising down the open road while bumping to your favorite tunes but only with decent sound systems and car speakers. Without these, there’s no point.

That said, even small audio improvements to your car can completely transform your car’s music experience. But when in the market for car speakers, there are just too many options.

So how do you find the best speakers for your ride? Here’s how to choose the right speakers for your car.

Best Tips to Choose Car Speakers for Your Ride

Check the Speaker’s Cone Material

The first step to finding the right speaker for your car is checking its cone material. The speaker’s cone plays an integral part in determining its sound quality. Light and rigid cones work best because they respond better to sound signals from the speaker.

Here are some common cone materials you’re likely to encounter.


Paper cones are great for sound quality, but they have one major downside. They’re adversely affected by temperature and moisture, so they deteriorate with time.

As such, you’ll have to replace the paper cones frequently or contend with deplorable sound quality.


These are better for cars because they’re considerably moisture-resistant. However, they may not have the best sound quality.


Kevlar is the creme de la creme of speaker cone materials. It’s the same stuff you find in body armor. It’s strong and lightweight, making it the best material for your speaker cones.

Speaker Sensitivity

Speaker sensitivity denotes the speaker’s ability to convert electrical power into sound. Speakers with higher sensitivity are louder and typically have better sound quality.

If you’re looking for bass and volume, look for a speaker with high sensitivity.

Consider the Type of Speaker

Contrary to popular belief, there are different types of car speakers to choose from. Apart from bass speakers and tweeters, there are others, including:

  • Coaxial speakers
  • Component speakers
  • Subwoofers
  • Component speakers

Different types of speakers give out different sound frequencies. For instance, tweeters are great for highs and subwoofers for lows. If you’re looking for subwoofers, consider Deaf Bonce subwoofers, widely known for their supreme sound quality.

Coaxial and component speakers are full-range speakers that can handle all sound frequencies. You need to get one of these before you start looking for tweeters or subwoofers.

Only the Best Car Speakers Will Do

Keep these few things in mind when shopping for car speakers to get the best ones for your budget. Remember to check out online reviews before making your purchase. Refine your driving experience with the best car audio speakers.

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