Gift Yourself a Chaise for Added Relaxation

When you think about relaxing at home, there are two pieces of furniture that come to mind; your bed and your sofa. A lot of effort goes into researching those pieces to be sure you get the maximum comfort from both. For your bed, the most important piece for comfort is the mattress. For your sofa, that added piece is a chaise lounge.

Whether you are considering purchasing a large sectional or a standard-sized sofa, a chaise lounge at one or both ends can elevate the look and comfort level of the piece. This article will give you a few tips on what to look for when shopping for a chaise sofa.

First, you want to determine what size sectional you need. A sectional is a much bigger piece than a standard sofa, so you want to make sure you have enough space for it to fit. You should be able to move around the sofa easily, and if it’s too big, the room will be overcrowded with furniture. Purchasing a sofa that is too small will make the space feel disconnected. Take concise measurements, and draw out a floor plan to decide the best placement for the sectional.

Once you know the sofa’s area will look best in, the next step is to choose a side for the chaise lounge. Because it extends further than the rest of the sofa, the chaise’s position is important to the complete layout of the space. Click here to find sofa chaises for your living room.

You can get either a right arm facing chaise or a left arm facing chaise. To clarify, that means when you’re standing in front of the sofa facing it, would you rather have the chaise on your left or right. The key is to take a look at the room’s other elements and don’t let the chaise obstruct or interfere with their function. For instance, if there is a staircase in the space, the chaise shouldn’t block the pathway that leads to the stairs. A fireplace shouldn’t be blocked by the extension either; instead, use those elements of the room to enhance the design.

If you don’t want to choose which side the chaise should go on, then don’t. Add one to both ends if the room allows it. This way, more than one person can benefit from the chaise’s relaxing qualities.

Now that you know which configuration you want, you have to choose a color. It should blend with the other furniture and complement the room’s theme. If you’re going for a casual and laid-back vibe, blues and greens are relaxing colors. For a more formal feel, warmer colors are best.

The upholstery you select also adds to the vibe in the space. Leather is classic and works well in a formal space. Fabrics are much more fun and can be found in different patterns and prints if your taste is more eclectic and you don’t want a solid color.

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