6 Gift Ideas for Music Lovers That Will Make Their Day

Did you know that listening to music works out your brain? It can relieve anxiety and depression, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, strengthen your memory, regulate your mood, and ease pain. Science aside, listening to music can be a fun yet profoundly emotional experience.

This is one of the main reasons why music is so popular – not only does it have many subconscious rewards, but it can also be very entertaining!

If you know someone who loves music a little more than the rest of us, gift shopping can be difficult. This article is full of gift ideas for music lovers, so read on for your ultimate gift guide!

1. A Music Memoir

Music can become even more meaningful with a bit of context. If you’re familiar with your music lover’s favorite band or artist, consider picking up a memoir of the artist’s life!

In many cases, the memoirs are honest and riveting and can help uncover the deeper meanings of their favorite songs.

2. Cameo Appearance

The platform Cameo offers customized video messages from stars and icons around the globe! If their favorite artist is on Cameo and their price is reasonable, personalized videos make fun gifts for music lovers!

3. Up Their Hardware Game

New headphones or speakers make great gifts for music lovers because they can dramatically up their experience while listening to music. For instance, consider a high-quality pair of noise-canceling headphones for their commute.

Good headphones will balance sound quality and comfort while eliminating background noises so your music lover can fully experience their music.

4. Subscription Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

Broaden your music lover’s horizons with some new music apps! Consider giving them a subscription to Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, or Tidal.

The best music apps make cool gifts for music lovers because they can get almost infinite amounts of music and recommendations for new artists, genres, and songs that they’ll be sure to enjoy.

5. Vintage Band Swag

A lot of the best gifts for music lovers are high-tech, but low-tech gifts like band tees and collectible merchandise can also make great gifts. If they love an old-school band, look for vintage tees or concert posters and other memorabilia like the band’s personal items such as decanters, pipes, glasses, etc. It truly has a special meaning, so no wonder it’s considered among the best valentines gifts for him and an easy choice.

Alternatively, if they’re a vinyl nerd, look for vintage records of their favorite albums.

6. Music Masterclass

If your music lover loves making music as much as they do listening to music, give them a class in their craft! Not only does Hans Zimmer offer a course on Masterclass, but you can also schedule lessons for them with local teachers, or pick up simple how-to books.

Gift Ideas for Music Lovers Make Shopping Easy

Although gift shopping can be daunting, if you know a few of your music lover’s favorite bands or artists, you can easily pick out the right gift for them. All you need is a few of our gift ideas for music lovers and you’re good to go!

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