Classic Style: How to Achieve a Timeless Look

The global fashion market is worth over three trillion dollars. That’s for good reason! We all want to look our best.

But, what if instead of following the trends, you want to create a look of your own that will stand the test of time?

Read on to learn all about how to create a classic style.

Understand the Basics of Classic Fashion

When you have solid basics in your collection, it gives you something to build a classic look of.

So, fill your wardrobe up with classic pieces. As you probably know, you can never really go wrong with a little black dress. You’ll want to have a variety of cardigans in different colors and styles for when it’s time to cover up.

If you work in an office, you should also ensure you have several fitted blazers on hand. You can pair them with any outfit, and you can take them on and off depending on the temperature that day.

Accessorize Right

The right accessories will take any classic outfit to the next level. Make sure that you check out these vintage Chanel bags linked here for the perfect day-to-day purse.

Of course, jewelry is a great way to elevate any outfit. You can’t go wrong with a classic string of pearls, especially with a matching pair of pearly earrings. But, that may be a little formal if you’re looking for a more casual outfit. If you don’t want to be as matchy-matchy, consider shopping for a pearl or mother-of-pearl pendant to complement your earrings.

When it’s sunny, you need a strong pair of sunglasses. You won’t want to go too funky with your sunglasses choice if you’re planning a classic outfit. Look for big frames, in either black or tortoiseshell. They’ll make you look like an old-school movie star.

Understand Your Fit

Classic style isn’t about wearing baggy, oversized clothes, or about wearing skin-tight low-rise jeans. It’s about your clothing having a proper fit. That means that when you’re trying to put together a classic outfit, you’ll want to have a tailor on hand.

You’ll want your everyday jeans to fit like a glove, but how that will work will depend on the style of jeans you choose. That’s why it’s not just about the shopping – you also need someone to evaluate your body and your pants and ensure what will work for you.

Get Inspiration

If you’re just not sure how to style yourself, look to the stars. There have been hundreds of classic style icons throughout history who can help you put together a timeless look, regardless of what that means to you. You might be more into Michelle Obama’s style or Meghan Markle’s. It’s all relative!

Rock Classic Style Today

With these tips, you’ll be looking your best every day of the week and in classic style, too!

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