3 Benefits of Using a Bidet

Have you used a bidet before? Do you even know what it is? A bidet is essentially a better toilet — or the result of the evolution of the toilet. Whether as a stand-alone unit or an addition to your toilet, a bidet uses a stream of water to clean you up when nature calls

And it’ll do so without toilet paper. Keep reading for three benefits

Advantages of Using a Bidet

1. Better Personal Hygiene

When you use a bidet, your genitals and anus will be cleaned up with a stream of warm water. Your nether regions will be cleaner than if you use toilet paper. 

While unpleasant to think about, you’ve probably experienced situations where you were on the toilet, used toilet paper to clean up, and then got some fecal matter on your hands. It’s not only disgusting to have that happen — but the problems can grow if you spread the fecal matter to objects or people inadvertently by touching them.

Even if you wash your hands with soap and water, you might transfer some of the fecal matter to the water faucet knobs or to something else in your bathroom. You can make your bathroom a more sanitary place and prevent germs or other contaminants from spreading with a bidet.

Since using a bidet means a hands-free clean-up process after using the bathroom, your nether regions and your hands will be clean after the process. When it comes to cleaning yourself up after using the bathroom, warm water simply does a better job than toilet paper.

2. More Eco-Friendly

Were you aware that people use, on average, eight or nine sheets of toilet paper per toilet session? You might not appreciate the impact this has on the environment until you consider all the trees that are required to provide toilet paper for billions of people around the world. Also, consider that the manufacturing process requires a lot of water, packaging, and energy.

People are increasingly realizing the importance of being good stewards of the environment. By investing in a bidet, you can cut down on your household’s toilet paper use. And it’s also critical to remember that using a bidet can also lead to a more pleasant bathroom experience. So, it’s not as though you’ll be sacrificing comfort and enjoyability by switching to a bidet.

3. Reduce Instances of Clogs

Have you ever had to use a plunger to unclog your toilet? Blockages can occur for many reasons — and of the chief reasons is the overuse of toilet paper. It’s all good and well if you can unclog the blockage using a plunger. But you won’t be happy if you need to call a plumber. The national average for plumbers is around $100 per hour in addition to a service fee or a minimum charge. The bill can quickly add up to a small fortune if the clog is stubborn.

But getting a bidet means you won’t ever have to flush toilet paper down the drain. And if you live on a rural property that comes with a septic tank, you can also help your own cause. It’s usually advised that homeowners get their septic tanks cleaned out every two to three years. But if you’re not flushing toilet paper, you’ll likely be able to reduce the frequency of pumping the contents out of your septic tank. That means you’ll save money.

These are just a few reasons why you should consider getting a bidet for one or more of your bathrooms. When you consider the benefits, it’ll be harder to stick with a regular toilet. Look into the options available and prepare to upgrade your bathroom regimen with a bidet.

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