All the Details Behind the Charmed Series Explained

Termed as one of the greatest fantasy TV shows in history, the Charmed series has a reputation for any fan who ever watched it. While the series premiered in the late ‘90s, its magic remains blazing. Besides the lovely characters, the show’s plot is a magnet that will keep you glued to the screen for hours. But do you know the details behind this gem in the film industry? This fan guide explains more.

Did You Know They Hand-Drew the Book of Shadows?

The Book of Shadows is among the many things you will see throughout the series. This important and pivotal piece of art makes the show more interesting. Using the Book of Shadows, the sisters find it easy to learn about the Power of the Three and their roles in the fight against evil. But did you know the showrunners hand-drew the book before using it as a set prop? Yes, that is true.

The Location Set for the Original Charmed Series Is Los Angeles

Any fans can notice the many locations where the events take place throughout the series. The caves, forests, waterbodies, and fields make the show more interesting. According to showrunner Brad Kern the production team settled on Los Angles as the set location. This is due to the city’s suitable geography, including caves, waterfalls, and forests. The natural cover made it easy for the characters to play magic roles throughout the show.

The Plot Revolved Around Family

Family dynamics inspired the show’s storyline. Besides the many fights the sisters had to encounter against evil and the mythical creatures, the role of the family remains intact. It is easy for the fans to see the influence and impact of family consciousness, especially when fighting evil. The sisters’ bond is encouraging and forms the foundation for their magical powers. When they come together as a family, fighting evil becomes easier.

There Is Star War Influence

One notable mythical creature in the Charmed series is the demon named Belthazor. One can feel the effects of this demon’s magical powers as it fights the three sisters. But did you know that the Star Wars movies inspired the creation of this mythical creature? The showrunners created a look like demons to attract the attention of the fans, and it worked perfectly.

Piper Was Expectant When Shooting the Series

Piper is one of the sisters and a main character in the Charmed series. While most movies and TV shows use props and makeup to create pregnant characters, this differs in the Charmed show. Combs, the actress who played the role of Piper, was carrying a child when shooting the show. This is one of the many realistic moments that make this series unique.

They Changed Actress Over the Seasons to Fit the Characters

Over the seasons, keen fans can notice a change in the actresses that played the three sisters’ characters. As the original actresses aged, the showrunners saw the need to bring in new blood to make the show more interesting. Their efforts paid off as the addition ensured the plot remained catchy, interesting, and engaging to all the fans globally.

The TV show The Charmed is among the world’s best fantasy shows due to the many variables that define it. All the details behind its making, including the catchy plot, the characters, magical powers, and the mythical creatures, make it more interesting.

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