Help! There’s Something in My Attic: A Guide to Wildlife Removal

You’re hearing noises in the night. Is something in your attic? There’s actually a good chance there is, as several critters are commonly found inside attics.

Raccoons and squirrels aren’t the only ones that like to build nests in your warm and secure attic space. You might find birds, snakes, bats, mice, termites, and other pests up there as well.

Because your attic is warm, safe from outside elements, and may even provide a food and water source for some of these wildlife creatures, they are attracted to your space.

If one or more of these creatures is taking up residence in your attic, you might need a wildlife removal service.  Continue reading the guide below to learn more about humane wildlife removal.

Best guide to Wildlife Removal

Signs of Wildlife in the Attic

Before you start brainstorming ideas on how to remove wildlife from your home, let’s make sure that’s what’s going on. There are many reasons why you might hear noises coming from the attic at night. For example, older plumbing systems, creaky floors, and unsecured windows might all cause some creepy noises late at night when all is quiet and you can hear it.

Wildlife will make some specific noises such as scratching, squeaking, and gnawing noises. You might even hear growls, whimpers, hisses, whines, or screams. In the actual attic, you’ll find urine stains and faeces.

You might also find nests made from various objects and damage to the insulation. These are all signs that wildlife is present.

Removing Wildlife in the Attic

You do need to remove this wildlife from your attic even if it’s a cute critter such as a raccoon or squirrel. Wildlife doesn’t belong in the attic and can cause significant damage if you continue to let them live there. To remove wildlife from the attic, you first need to keep your family, pets, and yourself safe.

Know what you’re up against by researching the type of wildlife that’s present. Then, check with state laws to ensure you’re legally allowed to remove the wildlife yourself. Some wildlife creatures may be protected and require professional wildlife removal services.

Learn about these services to decide if that’s the right option for you.

Preventing Wildlife in the Attic

Wildlife critters are looking for a few things in your attic: shelter, food, and water. Remove all sources of water and food from the attic. Then, trim tree branches that extend over your roof.

This allows different critters to easily access your roof and attic. You should also place covers on vents and repair any holes or cracks in the roof.

Are You in Need of Wildlife Removal?

Do you believe there might be wildlife critters in your attic? Know the signs and then research the type of critter you believe is calling your attic home. Remove the wildlife critters safely and contact a professional to ensure humane wildlife removal where a wildlife removal permit may be required.

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