Flexible Solar Panels vs Rigid: What Are the Differences?

Did you know that there were an estimated 1.47 million solar panels providing power across the United States of America in 2019? One of the biggest choices that you’ll need to make when it comes to solar panels is determining which is better between flexible solar panels vs. rigid panels. Both gather energy from the sun, but they have notable strengths and weaknesses.

Learning the pros and cons of rigid solar panels and flexible solar panels will help you find the right fit for your setup. The good news is that you’ve found the perfect flexible solar panels guide to help you through your solar energy journey.

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What Are Rigid Solar Panels?

Rigid solar panels are the traditional solar panels that you’ll see on the roofs of houses across the country. A big benefit of choosing to go with rigid solar panels is the durability that they bring to the table. The glass on the panel will stand up to almost anything that Mother Nature (or your kids) can throw at it.

The frame is super durable and will provide the stability that keeps the glass from cracking. They’re also a better option if you live in an area that experiences severe weather on a regular basis. Rigid solar panels have an easier time dealing with high-velocity winds compared to flexible solar panels.

It’s also quite easy to find a solar panel installers near you to help you out with getting them up and running. You’ll get a lot from your investment since these panels are designed to work for the next thirty years.

What Are Flexible Solar Panels?

Flexible solar panels are a perfect choice if you’re looking for ways to keep weight down since they weigh a fraction of the rigid solar panels. If you’re planning to use solar energy in a camper or for van life then flexible solar panels might be your best option. You can take them anywhere with you and have a much easier time storing them or moving them around to capture more sunlight.

You will also get better value for your money if you choose to go with the flexible solar panels since you can bring more of them with you and collect more energy. You’re not sacrificing a ton of life with these solar panels either since they’ll last up to twenty years before you need to consider replacing them. They’re a great option depending on your intended use.

Find the Right Fit Between Flexible Solar Panels vs. Rigid

Choosing between flexible solar panels vs. rigid solar panels isn’t the easiest choice, but knowing your intended purpose should make it much easier to find the right panels for your needs. Rigid solar panels are best in areas with severe weather as they’re durable and built to last. Flexible solar panels are great if you’re looking to save weight and gain maneuverability with your panels.

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