Does Joel Die in The Last of Us? (April 2024)

Joel’s destiny is a crucial and sensitive plot point in “The Last of Us,” which has caused gamers to debate the game intensely. The narrative’s core revolves around his adventure with Ellie through a post-apocalyptic society.

But in “The Last of Us Part II,” his fate turns fatal when an unforeseen circumstance drastically changes the plot. Examining Joel’s eventual outcome illuminates the depth of his character growth and his decisions’ effects on the game’s plot, creating a lasting impact on gamers.

Let’s delve into the topic of the article below.

What is The Last of Us?

What is The Last of Us?

“The Last of Us” is a critically acclaimed action-adventure video game developed by Naughty Dog. It was first released for the PlayStation 3 in 2013, and a remastered version for the PlayStation 4 was released in 2014.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world and follows the story of Joel, a smuggler, and Ellie, a teenage girl, as they try to survive in a world ravaged by a deadly fungal infection that has turned much of the population into hostile creatures.

The game begins with an outbreak of the Cordyceps fungus, which infects and transforms humans into aggressive and violent creatures. Joel, who has experienced significant personal loss due to the outbreak, is tasked with escorting Ellie, who may hold the key to finding a cure, across a dangerous and desolate United States.

The journey is fraught with peril, as the duo faces not only infected creatures but also other survivors who can be just as dangerous.


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Who is Joel in The Last of Us?

Who is Joel in The Last of Us?

Joel, played by a Chilean and American actor, Pedro Pascal, is one of the main protagonists in the game. He is a middle-aged survivor of a global pandemic that has led to the collapse of civilization. The show follows Joel as he navigates a post-apocalyptic world filled with dangerous infected creatures and hostile human factions.

His life takes a dramatic turn when he is tasked with escorting a young girl named Ellie across the country.

As they journey together, the bond between Joel and Ellie becomes a central focus of the narrative, and players witness their struggles and growth in the harsh, unforgiving world they inhabit.

Does Joel Die in The Last of Us Television Series?

Does Joel Die in The Last of Us Television Series?

Nooo! Joel remains alive in the series. He averts Ellie’s death and escapes his attempted kidnapping, but very few people escape the Fireflies’ headquarters unscathed.

Throughout the first half of the season, Joel experienced several scares, mainly when he required antibiotics due to the events of the sixth episode, in which he was stabbed on a college campus by a splintered baseball bat after falling from a horse.

Does Joel Die in The Last of Us Video Game?

Does Joel Die in The Last of Us Video Game?

Joel survived the first part of the video game. Unfortunately, he is killed off early in the second part of the video game by a woman named Abby.

Why Abby Killed Joel?

Why Abby Killed Joel?

The game’s story opens with Joel and his brother Tommy saving Abby Anderson from a bunch of infected. They return Abby to her old gang of Fireflies.

The gang turns against Tommy and Joel. It is revealed that Abby is the surgeon’s daughter that Joel murdered in the first part of the video game. And that is why she killed Joel to take revenge for her father’s death.

Will Joel Die in The Last of Us Season 2?

Will Joel Die in The Last of Us Season 2?

It is an obvious question: will Joel die in the second season, staying true to his shocking death in part II of its video game? If the series is a complete adaptation of the video game, it is anticipated that Joel will most likely die in the upcoming season 2.

The game follows Ellie and Joel, finding themselves on shaky terms after she finds out the truth about his massacre in the hospital. A woman named Abby comes for revenge for her father’s death, beating Joel to death.

According to the makers, season 2 of the series is set to premiere somewhere in 2025. On 12 February 2024, filming for the upcoming season will begin.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Joel Die in The Last of Us?

Yes, Joel meets a tragic death in the second part of the video game.

2. How Does Joel Die in The Last of Us?

Joel is brutally murdered early in the sequel by a woman named Abby.

3. Does Joel’s Death Affect the Plot of The Last of Us?

Undoubtedly, Joel’s passing is a critical event that shapes the story and influences the motivations of other characters throughout the game, particularly Ellie.

Wrapping Up

Joel’s destiny continues to be a tragic and crucial component that profoundly influences the plot and the paths taken by the individuals in the fascinating and intensely emotional universe of “The Last of Us.” His untimely death is evidence of the series’ capacity to arouse intense feelings in viewers and initiate thought-provoking conversations.

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