5 Easy Facts About CSGO Smurf Accounts Described

Counter-Strike is undoubtedly one of the most loved games among the eSports community. CS:GO tournaments are organized all around the globe, every year with passionate and skilful gamers competing to win. Many of you would be surprised to know some interesting facts about the game even after such popularity.

To find out some amazing facts and insights into the game of CS:GO and tips to buy CSGO prime accounts, here are 5 interesting facts about Counter-Strike Global Offensive:

Truths About CSGO Smurf Accounts

1. Counter-Strike Global Offensive Wasn’t Intended To Become An Independent Game

To everyone’s surprise, the most popular game at present was never planned as a game on its own by the developers. They made CS:GO with a vision for building a port for CS: Source for consoles and nothing else. However, cheap CSGO prime accounts managed to become the successor of the game that everyone loves.

2. There Are Chickens Roaming Around in Cobblestone

The fascination with chickens in the gaming industry is oddly interesting. The same can be said for Counter-Strike as the appearance of these pecky birds in the game dates back to the days of CS 1.6. Earlier, these chickens were programmed to keep pecking at the same spot without roaming here and there but everything changed after the launch of CS:GO and CSGO prime accounts. Fortunately, these chickens no longer had to keep getting bored until they were killed. Now, these hens along with other small animals were free to roam with the ability to react. All thanks to Valve, they keep making these in-game hens wear seasonal costumes for Halloween and Easter, giving them the fame they deserve.

3. Locating Bombs in Smoke Made Easy with Tutorials

The major plot of the CS:GO is how you detect the bombs and defuse them. Counter-Terrorist forces often

run into difficulties performing this task, especially when the terrorist teams know how to make it difficult for you. But here’s a hack that will make it easy for you to locate the bombs.

All you have to do is to keep your tutorials on and the rest will be handled by the game itself. Every time you come across a bomb that is located in smoke, you’ll be notified through the tutorials. This simple trick can make your gaming experience better, additionally, you can also choose to buy CSGO prime to add a few more features that help you in finding bombs quickly.

4. Shower In The Rain Of Money in Overpass

Talking of wildest fantasies, how many of you have thought about robbing a bank. It might be illegal in real life, but don’t you worry! There’s a place in CS:GO where you can get money and fulfil your fantasy at the same time. So, buy a CSGO account and go to Overpass where you’ll find TTL Bank, an ATM where you can rob and get money.

5. Eye-Catching Graffiti

An interesting aspect of CS:GO is the beautiful graffiti on the walls. Once you buy CSGO prime accounts you can start looking for a certain area where there are walls with graffiti. Some of these could be identified easily as they memorialize amazing professional players.

Final Thoughts

It’s always fascinating to know more about your favourite game and we’re hopeful that from the above blog, you might have got to know some interesting facts about CS:GO and how buying CSGO accounts can enhance your gaming experience. Enjoy the game even more by using the hacks and flex the knowledge you got here in front of your mates.

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