Reasons To Get Motorcycle Insurance

Owning a motorcycle is a thrilling experience but comes with its share of risks. Often other motorists overlook the safety of cyclists. Motorcycle owners must take the right precautions to protect themselves and their motorcycles.

Getting a motorcycle insurance policy from a reputable provider is essential for anyone who rides. While it may be tempting to ignore insurance if you don’t ride often, it is worth your money. You will be assured of protection on the road as it will cover replacement costs, medical bills, repairs, and injuries.

You can get many types of insurance policies depending on your needs. Here is why it should be a priority.

Why Bike Insurance Is Important

1.  Coverage In Case of Injury

If you have a motorcycle accident, you will need a motorcycle accident attorney in Las Vegas and insurance. You can get coverage to protect yourself in case of injuries. Strong policies can also cover a guest passenger.

This means you will not have to worry about medical payments in the event of an accident. More some can even cover childcare and lost income after an accident. An insurance policy gives you great financial relief in case an accident occurs. Before getting a policy, find out the extent to which they can cover you in case of an accident.

2.  It is a Legal Requirement

You need motorcycle insurance because it is legally required in most states. Most laws state that you should have a minimum of liability insurance to help cover damages you cause. The lack of an insurance policy will not only put your finances at risk in case of an accident, but it can also get you on the wrong side of the law.

3.  Breakdown Coverage

If you get an insurance policy that covers breakdown, you can have some mechanical repair done to your motorcycle when need be. The breakdown coverage insurance is, however, not compulsory. This insurance will help you repair your motorcycle transmission, engine, and other regular maintenance repairs.

4.  Collision Coverage

As aforementioned, liability coverage is legally required in most states. Insurance covers, like the collision and comprehensive policy, are additional policies you could get. If your motorcycle is involved in an accident, the collision cover will take care of the repairs and even cater for replacement.

The policy protects your motorcycle regardless of where it is; whether it is a road accident, a falling object in the parking, or a building, it will pay for any damage.

5.  Theft

While this may not have crossed your mind, the potential of threat is another reason to get insurance for your motorcycle. Remember that motorcycles are always easier to steal than cars. More so, more motorcycles are reported stolen than cars.

Comprehensive insurance can cover vandalism and the loss of your motorcycle to theft or disasters like fire.


After buying your motorcycle, the next thing to do should be to get a good insurance policy. It is an important thing to have before you take your first ride. An insurance policy will prevent legal issues and save you from financial stress in case of theft, damage, or injuries in an accident.

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