How Managed IT Providers Support Revenue Growth

There are three things you need to grow your revenue: a solid marketing plan, an outstanding product, and streamlined operations. Without all three, you can only achieve a certain level before you’ll plateau. If you’re like most businesses, you’ve probably invested quite a bit into your marketing and product development, but what about your daily operations?

If your teams are being set back by issues that make it hard to do their job, you’re losing money daily. For instance, instead of paying employees for 8-hour days of work, many of those paid hours are spent dealing with breakdowns, searching for solutions, and waiting for someone else to fix an issue before moving forward.

Managed IT Services are the Solution

IT problems are often the main cause for operational issues. Sometimes it’s as simple as printers, routers, and fax machines not working, but other times it’s network crashes and security breaches. Managed IT providers aim to solve this dilemma by offering outsourced services to companies that don’t have a full-time in-house IT team.

The main problem is that maintaining an in-house tech team is expensive, and when there’s nothing to work on, you’re still paying their salary. You need them immediately when there’s an issue, so you can’t just keep them on-call. 

However, with managed services support, you can get immediate help and bypass the need to keep a full-time team on payroll.

A business IT Service will Keep Teams Flowing

Your business is most profitable when your teams can stay in the flow. One of the key secrets to maintaining that flow is removing distractions and points of frustration that negatively impact how your teams work. For example, say your business falls victim to a ransomware attack and your marketing team has to wait for you to find backups of key digital assets before they can continue working. This can affect your PPC ads on a variety of networks, your email marketing campaigns, and anything else you planned to launch that requires those missing digital files.

On the other hand, with a managed services plan, you’ll have access to backups created for you in the beginning of your relationship. Backups are one of the first things managed IT providers create for their clients. You’ll also have a strong business continuity plan to guide you through recovering from a security incident, whether that’s malware, ransomware, or a data breach.

Managed IT Services Resolve Tech Issues Fast

While a data security incident or network breach can temporarily bring business to a halt, you’ll get back up and running much faster with managed IT services. Likewise, other common technical issues will be solved effortlessly. 

For instance, your employees won’t be on their own to try to fix a bad Wi-Fi connection or reset a printer’s IP address for wireless printing. These issues may seem small, but they can disrupt the day for multiple employees whose tasks depend on other people meeting their deadlines. When just one person gets stuck, your entire team can become unproductive.

With managed IT services, you or someone designated can call the company for support, usually 24/7. They’ll walk you through resolving the issue over the phone, and if that doesn’t work, they’ll send someone out in person. Most issues can be resolved without sending out a tech, including software updates, patches, and resetting systems.

You’ll have Access to Experts

Even if you can afford to hire a full-time, in-house IT team, it’s not easy to build a dream team. Finding a handful of top-level experts in your area is not an easy task. However, when you use managed services, you’ll have access to a team of experts who can manage all of your needs under one service plan.

When it comes to security, this is a key reason to outsource your IT management. Managed service providers go out of their way to hire only the best certified and verified cybersecurity experts.

The Benefits of a Managed Services Plan are Unmatched

Without managed IT, it’s a tough job to maintain a strong cybersecurity posture, meet regulatory compliance, and be ready to recover from a security incident on a moment’s notice. Regardless of your budget, this requires the right talent, which can be difficult to source as an in-house team.

If you haven’t looked into managed services providers, it’s one of the fastest ways to eliminate the daily setbacks that can kill your company’s profits. When your goal is to grow your revenue, your daily operations need to be smooth, and you can start creating that environment by working with managed IT.

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