How Long Do Hard Inquiries Stay on Your Credit Report? [May 2023]

If you’re wondering how long hard inquiries stay on the credit report, then you don’t need to stress as you can get all the details. However, multiple hard inquiries can put a severe dent in your credit. It is especially true if you have a short credit history. One of the easiest mistakes to make is incurring several hard inquiries.

For example, if you have just rented a new apartment, the leasing agent might check your credit history, which would feature a hard inquiry. It might you for applying the finance for furniture. The furniture vendor will check the credit history and feature a hard inquiry. Then you would decide that you wish to have a card that offers travel rewards, and so you apply for several cards. It could be another four hard inquiries on the credit report within the short term. Eventually, all of this leads to a minimum credit score. Can you also read ahead about does getting preapproved hurt your credit?

The good news here is that even though a hard inquiry will stay on the credit report for these 24 months, it doesn’t affect your credit score much before that. A hard inquiry generally does not have any impact on the credit score. Suppose you work on maintaining a good credit score and start shopping smartly while taking out the new credit. But before you get going, you must understand how long hard inquiries stay on the credit report.

What Is a Hard Inquiry

You give permission to the financial institution to check the credit report when you apply for any type of loan or credit card. It helps in determining creditworthiness. The lenders will check the credit reports to see how likely you have to pay back the money you borrow. A favourable credit history shows that you are responsible for financial behaviour, and the lenders will be willing to provide you with a new loan for all credit cards.

When the financial institution or the bank gets a credit report from one of the leading credit bureaus, including CIBIL, it is a hard inquiry. Your credit score drops a few points whenever hard inquiry hits or credit report. So it is irrespective of whether you get the credit approval or not. On the flip side, checking the credit report yourself or applying for a pre-qualification is a soft inquiry.

What Is the Difference Between a Hard and a Soft Inquiry?

There is generally a difference between a soft and hard inquiry into the credit score. The soft inquiry on the credit report is visible only to you. A soft inquiry generally does not have any impact on the credit score. Interest shows that you or any other company had checked the report. Therefore, the soft inquiry does not play a crucial role in a lending decision. It is ideally for a background check or credit monitoring.

On the flip side, a hard inquiry is an inquiry on the credit report. The report intense to make a lending decision or offer any contract. A hard inquiry can minimize the credit score temporarily. If you apply for a credit loan or any card, the lender probably goes for a hard inquiry.

What Leads to a Hard Inquiry on The Credit Report?

You will see a hard inquiry on the credit report if you have applied for a new credit card in the last two years. However, it can also be possible if you have applied for a new loan like a personal loan, home loan, car loan, education loan, etc. In addition, the inquiries are applicable for a balance transfer card or loan.

How Long Do Inquiries Stay on Your Credit Report

You might be wondering how much hard inquiry is too many hard inquiries. Well, you don’t need to stress. You can learn everything here. Hard inquiries on credit happen when you apply for credit or a loan. It will stay on the credit report for at least 24 months. But a hard inquiry doesn’t affect the score after 12 months.

Even though hard inquiries stay on the credit report for over two years, the credit Bureau considered for the past 12 months. It is seen that hard inquiries might cause harm to the credit scores of people with short credit histories. If you are someone who is just starting out to build their credit, then hard inquiry can do severe damage to the credit score. But it doesn’t mean you have to avoid applying for credit. It’s pretty fine to have a few inquiries regularly. It shows that you are trying to build an excellent credit score and ensure that you don’t apply for too many credits in a short amount.

How Much Does Hard Inquiries Impact Your Credit Score?

You must know that soft inquiry doesn’t impact your credit score. Of course, you must check your credit record regularly to maintain your credit score. But a single hard inquiry can hugely impact the credit score. You can expect a huge reduction of at least 5 points. However, your score can bounce back in a few months, provided with a great credit score.

A single credit application might not affect your credit score if you have an excellent credit history. However, you might be affected by the hard inquiries if you fail to have a good credit score. The overall credit score might be reduced if many hard inquiries or different types of credit happen in the short term. Hard inquiries drop off the credit report after two years.

You don’t need to stress about how long hard inquiries stay on the credit report. Credit applications don’t play a crucial role in calculating a credit score. Hard inquiries are a part of the credit report’s new credit category. They don’t heavily relate to the other factors.

What Does the Lender Think When They See a Hard Inquiry?

Hard inquiries are less influential when it comes to calculating your credit score. But these inquiries play a crucial role in assessing the potential risk of paying the debt on time. Hence lenders always check the credit report to see how creditworthy you are. If you have several hard inquiries on the credit report, it might show that you are financially stressed. It will also pose a considerable risk for borrowing in the future. Ideally, lenders to consider other elements like your income and payment history before approving or declining the credit application.

How To Remove Hard Inquiries

How To Remove Hard Inquiries?

If you are wondering how to remove hard inquiries, then you don’t need to look any further, as you can get all the details here.

The main idea of removing hard inquiries from the credit report to improve the credit score might sound appealing. But disputing an authentic hard inquiry on the credit report will not change the score. You can dispute the ones that are due to fraud. It can happen when the anti-thief uses the Social Security number and other details to open a new account in your name.

For the majority of people, one extra hard inquiry might drop the credit score by just a few points. But the new lenders are not going to decline any application for the credit. So their impact is only for a few months.

Check the credit reports

The first step you need to do is to check your credit reports. You must prevent it from the three credit bureaus, including Experian Equifax and TransUnion.

Look for inaccurate hard inquiries.

Once you get the credit report, there will be a part for hard inquiries. You need to scan over the entire report and enjoy its accuracy. Additionally, you need to pay close attention to the inquiries section. If any hard inquiry is listed, ensure that you recognize them. It is essential to note that sometimes the company listed that inquired doesn’t align with who you did business with. It often happens if a retailer partner with the bank to manage its credit card program.

Submit a dispute

Inaccurate hard inquiries can happen mainly board to reason. Firstly, if you were shopping for a new service, the provider might check the credit report without realizing it. For instance, if you are shopping around for new cell phone carriers, the company will do a credit check against the knowledge or approval. Secondly, if the inquiry that you didn’t recognize at all. Then, it is essential to reach out to the company that listed it.

Before you go for the inquiry, remember that the hard inquiries conducted without your permission can be disputed. Therefore if you willingly apply for a loan or a credit, the corresponding inquiry is essential or not? When submitting a dispute for the credit report inquiry, you need to include some vital information. The credit removal letter template plays a crucial role.

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