How Much Does Water Cost For a Small Business in UK?

In order to run a business, one needs to understand all the hidden costs of running a business and how many overhead expenses there would be. The monthly bills and rents should be considered whenever calculating the return and profit.

It is important to know that almost every business requires the need for water service. To know the best water industry and services, you should go for and understand the cost and water market.

Why are businesses charged for basic water services?

This is an interesting question, as water is costly, and companies are charged for using them as an output as well. This is because water is taken from the natural environment and is also recycled.

It needs to be filtered, treated, and then delivered to a certain property for use. The wastewater is then disposed of or recycled, which obviously requires a long process of treatment.

So considering the maintenance of the supply networks as well as the treatment facilities, it is seen that water does cost a lot.

How is water treated for business use?

Like the domestic use of water for business use, the water is also collected from the environment and is then pumped to the regional wholesaler for it to be processed and treated.

After this, the water is then filtered and then cleaned through a series of processes and stages before it is used and pumped into the tanks in order to be further stored.

Eligibility to buy a business water supply

It is important to understand that the water market tends to be open for the business only. Any organization that is non-household tends to pay business rates and can then choose the water market.

Connecting to the water main

It is important to know that business water isn’t only supplied to the non-domestic users and areas but also supplies to the domestic ones as well. This means it is used for washing, sanitation as well as commercial processes as well.

For the non-domestic water uses, the business will be responsible for covering the costs of connecting, due to which understanding your business water bill is important.

Moreover, you would also need to come into an agreement with the supplier to make sure you have the means to meet all the demands as well.

How much does it cost to install the alternative water systems?

The cost of installing an alternative water system usually depends on the system as well as the business need in terms of the sizes and the portability as well.

The rainwater harvesting system for a small business can cost $3000 to $5000 for the equipment only, and a simple water butt hooked to the drainage system costs $300 for only 1000 liters. However, a larger business costs $15000 to buy and install a 5000-liter tank.


Conclusively, it is important to understand the water market, especially for non-domestic purposes.

There are many service providers who can cater to your water needs regarding your business, but it does cost a lot, as it is a properly processed system that the water has to go through.

Hence, it is extremely important for a business to list down such costs, especially if the business is largely dependent on water for its survival.

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