6 Tips for Selling a Timeshare

Have you decided that the time’s up on your timeshare?

Selling a timeshare can feel like a bit of a long shot. After all, the timeshare system can be a strange world, especially when you get involved with the sales aspect of it all. Don’t be intimidated, however, because we’ve got a few tips for you.

In this post, we’re going to give you 6 tips for selling a timeshare. The time always comes when someone has to admit that their timeshare just isn’t worth it anymore but read on and you’ll see that just because you’ve changed your mind on your timeshare doesn’t mean someone else won’t want it.

1. Know Your Worth

One important thing to understand when it comes to selling a timeshare is the retail vs. resale value isn’t going to be exactly what you want. You can’t just get back what you paid for it and call it a day.

That’s not really the point, either. Part of the fees you paid was to experience the timeshare. Being able to sell comes with doing your research and understanding how much your timeshare is going to resell for.

Look at other timeshare opportunities in your location to get an accurate idea of what you should be selling for. By using a licensed timeshare broker, you’ll have access to this information and an expert to help you sell it.

2. Don’t Seek Help if You Don’t Need It

The perks of a timeshare reselling service are obvious but don’t jump on it if you don’t need it. There are many outlets for you to try and find timeshare buyers, though the companies will have to step in to make everything official.

3. Wary of Scams

There are a lot of “exit companies” that might offer to resell your timeshare for an up-front fee. These are almost always scammers, so if you do find yourself interested in a service like this, make sure that your fee is paid after the timeshare is sold.

The best timeshare brokers will work on commission, taking their cut of the sale when they’ve actually helped you sell.

4. Don’t Get Cold Called

A lot of scammers will cold call looking to drum up business. Exit companies will buy lists of contacts of timeshare owners, who they’ll cold call to inquire about selling.

When using an exit company, you should always be the one to make first contact.

5. Understand the Process

Get to know a bit about the reselling timeshare process. Selling a timeshare isn’t like selling a home; no one’s going to come and tour it while you’re there. You probably won’t meet the person that buys your timeshare and it’ll all be done online.

Once you’ve negotiated a price, it’ll be turned over to a company to complete the sale.

6. Use Contracts

Always get your agreements in writing, whether it’s with a buyer or a timeshare reselling company. Because of the anonymity and casual nature of timeshares, it’s easy to fall victim to money-grabbing scammers. If you’re careful and keep a paper trail, you’ll avoid any losses with your timeshare.

Selling a Timeshare Made Easy

Once you’ve decided to do it, selling a timeshare can be a fairly quick process. Either hire a qualified reseller or get on a listings site and sell your timeshare vacations in a matter of days.

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