The Benefits of Commercial Fleet Tracking

Around 64% of fleet managers use fleet tracking to monitor their company vehicles.

This number is growing, as more organizations are seeing the benefits that come with GPS fleet tracking. It may come at a cost to integrate, but it doesn’t take long to achieve a positive ROI, and there are several other benefits you’ll notice.

Here are some key benefits of commercial fleet tracking.

Better Customer Service

The use of commercial fleet tracking solutions is an excellent way of improving customer service. One of the best ways to do this is with accurate delivery estimates. You can give your customer very precise delivery times, so they know when their goods are arriving.

You can even give customers tracking information so that they can monitor a delivery themselves, meaning your staff won’t have to spend any time on the phone letting customers know where their delivery is.

You may also be able to get things done faster by choosing vehicles for a job based on their location. If your commercial fleet is fully outfitted with trackers you’ll know where every vehicle is at all times.

Optimized Routing

Real-time fleet tracking means you can make changes at any point to improve transport time. You might want to do this due to traffic conditions or road works that may interfere with normal routes.

You can also collect data and analyze routes to help with planning in the future. All of this will lead to faster delivery times, and therefore increased profits.

Deter Theft

Anything that can increase your commercial fleet security is ideal. By monitoring the location of your vehicles, you’ll know where any equipment is at all times. With geofencing, you can set alerts for when your vehicles leave their operational areas or see if they’re being used outside of business hours.

Routes can be tracked and recorded, so you can look back through previous journeys. This way you’ll know if any of your employees have been making unauthorized stops or side trips. You can add fleet tracking to trailers for even more security.

Increase Productivity

Vehicle tracking solutions help improve fleet management in several ways. You can monitor engine idling alongside location data to pinpoint any trouble spots. Advise your drivers to turn off their engines in these locations to save gas.

By monitoring the entire fleet at once you can maximize vehicle utilization, helping to save money and increase profits. All of this is possible with this product.

Improve Safety

Perhaps the most important benefit of fleet tracking is improving safety for your drivers. You can monitor things like speeding, and determine if any drivers need extra coaching to ensure they’re driving safely.

People will see your vehicles on the road, and notice if they’re being driven dangerously. This will affect the public’s opinion of your brand, so you want to make sure our employees are responsible on the road.

Does Your Business Need Fleet Tracking

Companies can generally manage without fleet tracking, but the benefits it brings are more than worth it. You can easily increase productivity, profits, and safety. Fleet optimization is one of the most effective ways to help your company grow.

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