How Long Do Girl with Big Foreheads Live?

Big Foreheads don’t look aesthetically pleasing and are generally detested by girls. If you also think of it as an unasked feature, welcome to the moon face gang.

Still, we anticipate it to hold some meaning as a bare minimum.

Surfacing orthodoxical sayings have beliefs related to girls with big foreheads. Not just that, research and surveys also have answered lingering doubts such as what significance big foreheads holds for girls, how long girls with big foreheads live, and other.

Causes of Big Foreheads

  1. A bigger forehead can be a genetic feature irrespective of gender.
  2. Big foreheads are an outcome of having larger brain proportions.
  3. Drooping of face skin with age might be a reason for the big foreheads.
  4. Also, receding hairlines also make foreheads seem bigger.
  5. Heavier eye-brow density may cause foreheads to seem bigger than their actual size.

What Dimension of Foreheads can be said to be Bigger than Standard Foreheads?

The standard accepted forehead range is between 2.8-7cm for men. And for women, it is 2.4-6 cm. Anything that doesn’t fall in this category is said to be a big forehead.

Problems with Big Foreheads

If you are mocked for having a big forehead, or you have to adjust to the repetitive monotonous hairstyle to hide the area that ruins the whole face and makes one look bald, you’re not the only one.

Considerable areas ranging from the eyebrows to the hairline are known as foreheads. If you have noticed nerves seemingly popping out of it when you are angry, it is because of the vast numbers of blood vessels residing there.

The pivotal issue with large forehead area is they ruin the whole face and make one looks like one is going bald.

If you oil your hair often, large forehead parts might, in that case, breed a lot of pimples.

During adolescence, proportionately big foreheads can make one the centre of bullying, which might culminate into bigger body image issues later on.

Meaning behind Big Foreheads from Various Aspects

If we consider inspecting a big forehead from perspectives other than looks, it is a neglected thing. It doesn’t hold any discreet meaning in any particular religion/culture/geographical space etc. Though in any culture this isn’t a preferred facial feature.

Big Foreheads Solutions

Does it really that big issue? Well, indeed, not for Rihanna and other celebrities with big foreheads who embrace it like anything.

But if it really bothers you, there are many contouring makeup hacks to make it look small. However, this works to a limited extent.

If it is a concern more significant than life itself for you, seeking medical treatment would be advised. Science has advanced enough to aid you in forehead size reduction via surgeries.

How long do girls with Big Foreheads live?

It is scientifically proven that girls with big foreheads possess greater brain size, ultimately making them live longer. However, the ground of this survey has yet to be apparent.

A study published in the journal frontier in ageing neuroscience mentioned that women with larger brain sizes are expected to live longer than women with smaller foreheads and, thus, smaller brain dimensions.

The scary fact is that women’s bodies evolved with time in a way that women with smaller forehead sizes and relatively smaller brains, approximately below 64% sizes hold a much greater mortality risk.

Moreover, studies also reveal for girls with bigger foreheads have a plus point in terms of height and body mass index.

Bigger foreheads in girls unexplainably also instil some sense of responsibility and maturity beyond age.

The general conception also says that girls with bigger foreheads are more innocent and naïve than the ones with smaller foreheads.


The lifespan of a person, irrespective of age, depends a lot on the satisfaction and happiness ratio. The popular phrase regarding laughter being the best medicine is true. As the more depressed we are, the more health complications we are inviting. A secret to a better, longer life for girls with big foreheads would be to embrace it as it is. Every girl, with or without the standard facial feature, is beautiful.


1. How Long do Women With More Enormous Foreheads Live?

There can’t be said anything particular about the lifespan of a woman about forehead size. However, many surveys with questionable grounds suggest that bigger foreheads in girls cause complications because of greater strain on the body due to larger brain size. Whereas many studies say girls with big foreheads sustain a longer life due to bigger brain size.

2. How to Hide a Big Forehead?

Apart from hiding the large forehead portions through fringes and similar hairstyles, one can use makeup, head accessories, and oversized glasses to hide them.

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