Pname Com Facebook Orca Error: Solved [JUne 2021]

Facebook is a social media platform that has become an important part of our life. What if one day you find the Facebook app in your Android phone has stopped working? Has it ever happened to you? What did you do then? The error saying “pname facebook orca has stopped” on your screen is the pname com facebook orca error which can easily be resolved. In this blog, we will discuss about fixing this error in detail and some other common Facebook errors you have or might come across in future.

Ways to Resolve Pname Facebook Orca Error

What is pname com Facebook orca?

Basically, it is just a folder automatically created in the Facebook messenger app on your Android mobile. It stores all files, images, plugins, audios, videos and cache of the messenger app in the phone.

Where to find pname com Facebook orca folder?

Follow this sequence to find the folder: File Explorer – Internal SDExternal SD CardAndroidDatacom.facebook.orca


What do you mean by Facebook orca Katana?

Didn’t you ever notice a folder “com.facebook.katana” in your Android mobile? It is another folder in the Facebook app folder that is created automatically at the time you download the app on your phone.

Where to find com.facebook.katana folder?

Follow this sequence to find the folder: File ExplorerInternal SD Card/External SD CardAndroidDatecom.facebook.katana.

com.facebook.katana folder location

Are these two folders malicious or infected?

No, it is not!

These two folders Orca and Katana are not viruses or malware. These are default folders in the files. Moreover, you will need these to have a backup of the deleted texts on messenger.

What to do when Facebook Orca stops?

It is quite irritating when the app stops suddenly while you are reading some important posts, isn’t it? The pop-up message displays a text – “Unfortunately Facebook has stopped”. Ignoring this won’t solve the problem. Instead, learn how to fix the problem to avoid seeing this annoying notification again.

Is deleting the folder a good idea?

Never! As said, it is an automatically created folder and even if you delete it, it will be created again in the app folder. So, the better idea is to fix the problem from its root. How? Keep reading.

How to fix pname com Facebook orca error?

Some time clearing cache may fix this issue, if not then, follow these easy steps to resolve the error of pname com facebook orca:\

Step 1: Open “Settings” on your smartphone

Android Settings

Step 2: Reach for “application” folder in the settings


Step 3: Click on ‘application manager’.

application manager

Step 4: Search for the “Facebook app” and click on “clear data

Find Facebook AppFind Messenger
clear data

Step 5: Restart the app right after you clear all the data.

Now, that was quite easy!

By clearing the data, you delete all the matter stored in the messenger app. On restarting the app, you will no more see the pop-up notification.

What if I see the error again?

If yours is one of the rarest cases when you see the error again, uninstall the Facebook app in your Android device, restart your device and then install the app again from the Play store.

Now that you know how to resolve the pname facebook orca error, let us also discuss its use in retrieving the conversations on your messenger.

How to retain messages using the folder ‘com facebook orca folder’?

If you delete the conversations on the messenger app by mistake, you can retrieve it back using this in-built folder in the app. Here’s how.

Step 1: Go to “file Explore/File Manager” on the smartphone.

File Explore

Step 2: Open “Storage card/ SD card”. You will find a folder named ‘Android’ inside that consists of the data related to Android apps.

go to internal sd storage

Step 3: Go to “Data” folder.

data folder

Step 4: In this folder, you will find everything related to android apps. Look for the folder named ‘com.facebook.orca’ and click on it.

com.facebook.orca folder

Step 5: Look for the cache folder inside.

cache folder

Step 6: In the cache folder, find the folder ‘fb_temp’.

fb_temp folder

It is this folder that stores all the backups of the messenger conversations. You can retrieve whatever you want – both individual and group conversations, regardless of how old the conversations are.

Note: You can also retrieve the messages without the File Manager folder. Connect your device to the computer or laptop using a USB cable and look for the folder named ‘com.facebook.orca’. Click on ‘fb_temp’ and restore the deleted messages.

How simple it was!

Hopefully, you are now clear with the unavoidable facebook error and how to get it fixed. You can get your deleted conversation back from the com.facebook.orca folder and continue using the app without any further issues.

Now, let us talk about the other common Facebook errors that might come in way of convenient running of the application in your Android device.

Common Facebook Errors and how to resolve them

So, Facebook is not working and you are worried about getting it fixed? If the app is not working, you can always use the Facebook mobile site that works fine in all the Android smartphones. However, there are many users who want to have a convenient experience in the mobile app. But, for this, you need to keep in mind a few things to get it back running smoothly.

First of all, do make sure the app is updated to its latest version at Google Play Store. Facebook frequently pushes new updates for its app version for bug fixes and security updates. It leads the older version to cease to function well. Open the settings folder in your device and check for the available storage. If the available space in your smartphone is below 100MB, you will have to clear enough space to update the app from Google playstore and other app stores.

In other case, you can cancel the download and restart it for the update. If that doesn’t work, log out from the app and try downloading it again. If it still doesn’t work, you can go with the Google Play store’s ways to troubleshoot the app download.

If that also fails, try uninstalling the mobile app, restart the phone and reinstall the app.

Tuning on automatic updates

You need to ensure that the latest version of the Facebook app has been updated on your phone. For this, you will have to turn on automatic updates for the mobile app. Go to Google Play Store and search ‘Facebook’. On selecting it, you will see an ellipsis at the upper right corner, tap on it and tick the auto-update box.

Read on to resolve the following Facebook app errors in your Android device.

Not getting notifications?

Notifications allow you to know everything that’s happening on Facebook. It can be annoying when the automatic notifications stop working. To resolve this issue, ensure that the notification is enabled on the system level. You can check this in the device’s settings. Go to Applications>Application Manager>Facebook>Notifications.

Now, ensure the Facebook app is enabled to post notifications. Click on the hamburger menu (3 horizontal lines) and go to Notification Settings. Here you can manage the notifications you will be receiving and the way you are notified.

Bonus 1: Privacy

It hasn’t been much long that Facebook was in headlines for the permissions it asked for. To get things clear for the users, Facebook elaborated on what permissions were asked and for what reasons.

A brief explanation of the step is that app developers need to handle several facets of a device’s ecosystem in order to ensure proper functioning. It is your right to know why are the permissions asked for. However, here are a few points to remember:

Because the app wants certain information from you like access to your camera, doesn’t indicate that they will be spying on you or watch you while you take a shower.

If the company is trusted, it is quite a normal thing to say YES.

Still, it is completely your privilege and right to put on questions for the privacy permissions.

Bonus 2: Beta Testing

Do you want to try the greatest and latest upgrade Facebook has to offer? The company owns a public beta system that you can sign up. Remember, that like any other beta program, you might face issues with the Facebook app and it also warns the user that the app will be updated multiple times every week. If you don’t have a problem with it, you can sign in to Google Play Store and continue with the process.

Once you are at the Play Store, click on ‘Become a Beta Tester’. You will be automatically into the program, once you sign up with Google Play.

In case you want to exit the beta tester program, click on this link. You will be taken out of the program automatically without any confirmation dialog.

So, if the Facebook app is not working well in your Android device, you can resolve the common errors and pname facebook orca error easily.

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